New Candle Making Event!

I met Natalie, the founder and CEO of Cozier, in our coffee shop this year. Like most of my “regulars”, we started to chat after she realized that I remember her drink(the Rose Latte) before knowing her by name (which I don’t usually ask on customers’ first few visits since I am relatively shy).

We have a similar background. Natalie is also from Canada, studied in art school and worked in menswear. She paused fashion last year and launched her candle brand Cozier, which quickly became a supplier of well-known retailers such as Nordstrom and Anthropologie. With Natalie’s work experience in buying, she knows the right languages talking to retailers; but more importantly, her candles are made with natural coconut wax, all hand-poured to beautiful hand crafted ceramic jars. Non-toxic ingredient and sustainable packaging are important to consumers today. The well mixture of right business strategies with great products is always the door to success.

At the end of the day, Natalie and I are two girls who enjoy facials in Ktown and get lashes done every three weeks, so we became friends. As CAFE IF’s 3 years birthday is approaching, I invited Natalie to co-host our anniversary party. During the event, Cozier team will set up a candle making bar for our friends to make their own candle with various scent options.

Besides all the amazing scents Cozier uses, Natalie is also going to pick some coffee scents for us to add to these CAFE IF X COZIER candles. Have you had any candles that smells like your favorite Colombian coffee? If not, you should definitely come make one!


Our Anniversary party will be held on:

Wed May 19th 2019


Cannot wait to see you all there!

cafe if